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17 Things That Change Forever When You Live Abroad
As we brace ourselves to move abroad for the third time in a ...
Bird Bomber
Police kill ‘dangerous’ houbara bustard ...
Afghan Bruce Lee Becomes Web Hit
From the ruins of a bombed-out palace above Kabul, a young Afghan man bearing a striking ...
Afghanistan: A Look Back On America’s Longest War
Remote Wakhan! Some 700 years ago this Afghan district on the ...
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The Glamorous Double ...
The Glamorous Double Standards Of Celebrity Humanitarianism Author: Tom Jarman No experience needed – apply within. Development is a strange field in that virtually any John, Dick or Mary ca...Read More >>
Bird Bomber
Author: Kate Clark Police kill ‘dangerous’ houbara bustard Police in Faryab have shot a wild bird which had an antenna attached to it, fearing it had been sent by the Taleban to target them. Th...Read More >>
Afghanistan and the US
Between Partnership and Occupation Author: Kai Eide The US–Afghan relationship was already steadily deteriorating during the Bush administration, and it worsened dramatically under President Obama...Read More >>
Afghan Bruce Lee Becomes Web Hit
Author: Frank Jack Daniel and Hamid Shalizi From the ruins of a bombed-out palace above Kabul, a young Afghan man bearing a striking resemblance to kung fu legend Bruce Lee is high-kicking his way to...Read More >>
Is development becoming a toxic term?
Author: Nick Dearden The Conservative party’s conversion to development in 2009, most evident in its support of higher aid spending, was seen by many campaigners as one of the development sector’s...Read More >>
Afghanistan: A Look Back On America’s Longest War
Author: Duffel Blog With the stroke of midnight last night marking the end of NATO’s joint combat mission in Afghanistan, Duffel Blog looks back on 13 roller-coaster years of history that gripped a...Read More >>
Mountains and Valleys
Author: John Wendle There is a path to even the tallest mountain. - Afghan proverb Kabul Ah! How beautiful is Kabul encircled by her arid mountains And Rose, of the trails of thorns she envies...Read More >>
Afghan Essentials
Where to stay, where to eat, where to Shop. And how to pay for it. HOTELS AND GUESTHOUSES Kabul Serena HotelFroshgah Streetwww.serenahotels.comTel: 0799 654 000 ...Read More >>
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Afghan Scene Magazine is a monthly magazine focusing on culture, people and daily life in Afghanistan.Scene tells the story of its readers through text, photos and reviews.Through these forms,...Read More >>
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